MAGE - Our People

Our People

Our philosophy of ‘transforming lives’ is practiced within the organisation as well.

By fostering a spirit of empowerment at work, we encourage our people to explore their individual talents and achieve work-life balance. We proactively encourage teamwork complemented with world class facilities to bring out the best in individuals.

At Manipal Global, we work as a family and all employees have easy access to senior management across functions.

The management follows a work culture without too many check points, where the focus is more towards the delivery of results rather than the enforcement of processes. This is based on the belief that every employee understands his or her own responsibility, and is free to make observations and suggest modifications in any stream of functioning. These suggestions and thoughts are then debated upon and implemented in the best way possible.

We take a very personal approach to staff needs, and try to help them in any way possible both professionally and personally. Our open door policy gives everyone easy access to each other and their line managers or supervisors with ease.

Our people define what we are and what we can be, and we ensure they feel content, challenged and enriched.