Technology Enabled Learning

EduNxt is a Learning Management System developed and owned by Manipal Global Education Services Pvt. Ltd. The first version of EduNxt was launched in 2009. Over the last 5 years, the LMS has come a long way and is becoming the de-facto platform for supporting all the key activities in teaching and learning. From being just an additional tool used in distance education to being the one-stop shop for all of a learner’s needs, be it a lecture by the faculty inside your classroom, a training session with participants from across the globe or a massive community exchanging knowledge and ideas through an open online course, EduNxt provides each of its clients with a unique yet simple solution.

EduNxt is flexible, scalable, reliable and most importantly easy-to-use. The greatest challenge that any learner faces today, especially in distance education, is not “what to learn” but “how to learn effectively”. Over the past 2 years, the system has been completely revamped with only one goal in mind – a great user experience. Towards this goal, we have worked on every aspect of the learning process including, but not limited to, content, communication and assessments.



On EduNxt, we have developed interactive digital content which condenses the entire content of a 300 page textbook into 15-20 web pages, each with its own set of clearly defined learning objectives, without losing any relevant subject matter information. This is done by a team of faculties, instructional designers, graphic designers and multimedia developers. Some of the different types of digital content on offer are:

  • Faculty-led instructional videos
  • Animated concept videos and case studies
  • Concept maps
  • Interactive animations
  • Crosswords, games and puzzles


One of the major problems with e-Learning environments is lack of contact with faculty/instructors as compared to the traditional classroom mode of learning. Also, each learner does not study the same subject matter at the same time which further compounds the problem of giving individual attention to learner’s problems.

This problem of asynchronous communication has been solved in EduNxt using multiple channels. Every learner is regularly updated about the learning activities that are scheduled for their benefit. Some of these activities are:

  • Student orientation program
  • Contact classes with faculty at learning centers
  • Subject-wise web conferences with faculty for doubts and clarifications
  • Assignment and project submissions
  • Examination schedules and centers

All this information is sent regularly through:

  • Announcements on EduNxt website
  • Push notifications on the EduNxt mobile app
  • SMS on learner’s registered mobile phone
  • Email to learner’s registered email address

Communication is most effective when it is a two-way street. In case a learner wants to communicate with the faculty or university, he can also do so in the following ways:

  • Call direct number for student services
  • Log a request through Helpdesk on EduNxt web as well as EduNxt mobile app
  • Send email to faculty directly (all emails are available on website)
  • Walk in to any learning center
  • Post a question on ask EduNxt forum – this is a Q&A community comprising of faculties and learners where anyone can post and answer questions.


The only way to ascertain the amount of knowledge gained by a learner is through assessments. In e-learning environments, there is an even bigger question on learning effectiveness. When dealing with large numbers, how do we make sure that each student is actually learning something from the content and the various learning activities?

EduNxt is especially strong in the area of assessments. Our greatest strength is our quiz engine which has the following features:

  • IMS Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) compliant – worldwide standard for assessment content and results. Only a handful of applications in the world support this standard
  • Lightweight and easy to access
  • Support for multiple questions types like MCQ, fill in the blanks, match the following etc.
  • Simplified question authoring – faculty can create questions using excel sheets and they can be directly fed into the database
  • Compatible with mobile and tablet devices – the same user experience is available on any screen size

Active feedback – shows correct and incorrect answer choices along with score on submission.

Quizzes are an integral part of any learning content on EduNxt. Since every piece of content has a clearly defined learning objective, it is followed by a self-assessment quiz based on these objectives. There are number of quizzes available for practice as well. Some statistics related to quiz on EduNxt:

  • Average quiz takes / month - 2,00,000+
  • Total quizzes available - 26,700+
  • Total questions available - 1,24,000+
  • Quiz takes from mobile app - 40-50%
  • Mobile app downloads - 30,000+

Another important component of the curriculum at SMUDE is internal assignments (IA). All of our students have to submit their assignments for the semester during the IA submission window. This window is active once every 4 months. The amount of web traffic and load on servers experienced during this time is comparable to IRCTC on any normal day. Here are some statistics from the latest IA submission cycle:

  • Total submissions - 4,21,290
  • First attempt upload success - 100%
  • Downtime - 0
  • Upload time for submission - 4.62 seconds
  • Submissions on a single day - 1,00,000+

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