A strange paradox prevails in the global job market.

Despite a surplus of job openings, there is a dearth of skilled labour.

Year after year, our educational institutions churn out students, but almost all of them complain about the lack of opportunities and openings.

This peculiar mismatch in demand and supply makes one question the relevance of education itself.

A slightly deeper examination, however, reveals that the gap is due to the lack of skilled labour. In today's world, a degree alone does not guarantee employment. It needs to be augmented with relevant, hands on vocational training.

By 2022, India’s skilled manpower requirement is expected to cross a staggering 500 million heads.

To spark off a skills revolution in India, Manipal Global, with a history of six decades of training experience has collaborated with the biggest name in vocational training, the 134 year old City & Guilds of UK, to set up Manipal City & Guilds.

Partnering with corporates, government bodies and educational institutions, Manipal City & Guilds employs international training standards and certifications to produce an industry ready workforce, productive from day one.

As part of its socio-economic development plans, the Indian government regularly initiates schemes for creation of job opportunities for the country’s youth, particularly those from the underprivileged sector.

With its centres spread across 10 Indian states, Manipal City & Guilds partners with local and central government bodies as well as NGOs to impart vocational training, helping young people become employable and economically productive.

For corporates, investing in skill training programs after recruitment means decreased productivity and increased overheads. The constant need to improve quality and performance levels also demands regular skill upgrades or acquisition programs for employees.

Manipal City & Guilds, with its well established infrastructure and skills training strength, offers complete package deals for corporates which are productive as well as cost efficient. Mainstream education combined with skills training is a winning formula to ensure that the graduating students are job ready and employable.

Manipal City & Guilds also works with educational institutions to design relevant vocational training programs of international standards that run parallel to the mainstream curriculum.

Training partners

Vocational Training Centres instituted by Manipal City & Guilds provide job-oriented training to millions of Indians. Manipal City & Guilds also partners with other existing training centres and shares its resources and experience, and gives them a business opportunity by setting up Manipal City & Guilds centres.