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The New Indian Express: HDFC Bank Partners With Manipal Global Education

  • June 13, 2015

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HDFC Bank has partnered with Manipal Global to set up the Leadership Academy for Branches (LAB), under the aegis of which a one-month residential program is being launched to groom HDFC Bank managers for Branch-Head positions. The program will be held at Manipal Academy of Banking's campus in Bengaluru.

The program, devised after intense consultations between HDFC Bank and Manipal Global, is aimed at empowering managers with specialized skills to enhance their growth prospects within the bank. Delivered in simulated banking environment, the program includes a considerable amount of hands-on training in people management, sales orientation, process governance, regulatory compliance and risk management. The bank managers who complete the programme will become eligible for branch head roles.

Mr. Philip Mathew, Chief People Officer, said, "The new program will help enhance the skills of our managers, who are the face of the organization, and teach them ways to address new and critical challenges faced by branch heads in a dynamic environment. We partnered with Manipal Global because of their expertise and experience in the banking training industry. The customised program is focused on delivering the learning outcomes expected by HDFC Bank."

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Sivaramakrishnan V, Executive President, Manipal Global Education, said, "We are pleased to enter the collaboration with HDFC Bank to mentor and prime bank managers to communicate business interests effectively in the global business environment. Our association underlines Manipal Global Education Services' constant endeavour to provide quality education and skills training and we look forward to providing more innovative exclusive programmes for HDFC Bank."

Manipal Global has launched several joint initiatives like this with leading banks and financial institutions, offering learning solutions to over 27 banks and financial institutions. With a focus on developing necessary competencies and building domain knowledge, Manipal Global's solutions fulfil the human resource needs of the banking and financial sectors to enhance productivity of banks by transforming their human capital.


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