Recruitment - iRize

Recruitment - iRize

Recruitment - iRize


iRize is a Manipal Global initiative to set up employment exchanges in partnership with educational institutions, local partners and the government to provide the right job for candidates and a productive workforce for businesses / the corporate world.

A unique and effective employment facilitator, iRize was born out of a need to find feasible solutions to bridge the shortfall in productive human capital.

Bringing job providers and seekers under a single umbrella, iRize maintains a database of 400,000 candidates from 600 centers across India, and uses its technology driven platform to match them against existing openings.


Corporates are flooded with profiles of job seekers on a daily basis. Picking the right candidate from the sea of applicants is an iterative and expensive process. iRize uses its technology driven employment framework to map candidates with the right skill sets with the right job, saving the company’s time and money.Corporate clients are offered a choice of three kinds of candidates: i) Screened, ii) Assessed and iii) Certified;
and four employee recruitment models: i) Interns, ii) Apprentices, iii) Temporary and iv) Permanent.

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Technological advances require specific skill sets for most jobs. As a bridge between the candidates and the industry, iRize can quickly identify emerging market trends, and train candidates accordingly for immediate absorption.

iRize’s total placement outsourcing component comprises two modules:

  • Campus recruitment: Designed especially for students in their final year of program. The recruitment process can be either on-campus or off-campus.
  • Pre-placement solutions: iRize offers complete training to candidates to prepare them to face the recruiters competently and confidently.

Candidate industry preparedness program begins with a foundation assessment, followed by mock tests, workplace skills, interview workshops and resume writing, before it culminates with certification. The certifications issued are in conformance with the National Vocational Education Qualifications Framework and other internationally accepted standards.

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The government periodically uses its power and discretion to create job opportunities for the youth.

Acting as an interface between the government and the candidates, iRize offers its services in the form of:

  • Job-skill centres: iRize imparts skill training and prepares candidates to be employed by the industry. This is leveraged by iRize either as a Turnkey Project or as a Build-Operate model
  • Job-fair management - iRize takes over the complete cycle of operations involved in organising and conducting job fairs.

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iRize facilitates partnerships with assessment experts, training organisations, sourcing and network partners for scalability, synergy and operational efficiency.

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