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Faculty Support & Training

Distinguished faculty is the hallmark of every Manipal Global institution.

We have a very stringent criteria for selection of faculty, which includes:

  • Background industry experience and academic excellence
  • Interest in active research encouraged by Manipal Global
  • Active participation in training programs to keep pace with industry developments
  • Being in sync with student interests and perceptions
  • Awareness and interest in student behaviour and patterns.

Each member of this elite group is handpicked for their immense knowledge and vast experience in their subject-area. These faculty members, who come from the best institutions from around the world, and have a wealth of training and hands-on experience, form the core group of our training division.

Manipal Global works in close association with the faculty and involves them in all aspects of program development and simultaneously trains them. As the mode of training can vary from synchronous to asynchronous, the faculty is trained appropriately. We ensure that the faculty is trained to handle all technology enabled learning systems with ease.

Faculty members are also trained to deal with students from various cultures, varying levels of education and learning systems. The faculty support and training runs parallel with the course until the completion of the program, thus instilling confidence in both the faculty and students.

Manipal Global has specially designed programs for its faculty to train them in all aspects of student and class management. This also involves creating an environment conducive to study, making it interactive, friendly and interesting, with innovative methods of teaching.