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University Industry Partnership

Manipal Global bridges university-industry gap seamlessly through its partnerships with industry giants.

This is because we understand that globalisation requires industries to have access to graduates who are productive from day one, and universities need to partner with industries for hands-on learning for their students.

Not only does Manipal Global undertake turnkey projects, it also offers consultancy services and customised training and development programs to industries and corporates, helping them generate additional revenue for universities and educational institutions.

Working closely with a broad spectrum of industries in India and abroad, we procure grants and projects for universities from different quarters. Grants are also obtained from universities to set up special programs in other universities.

Manipal Global has fostered university-industry relations for decades to create synergies and bridge the gap between industry expectation and university output. It leverages its extensive relations with the industry to help educational institutions build their own bridges with the industry in line with their requirements.

We  facilitate this industry engagement through strategic alliances with key industry leaders, which are channelised through several modes of exchange such as:

Academic and Advisory Board

Distinguished experts and senior executives from the industry are invited to join as members of the Curriculum committees and Board of Studies. This helps institutes to update the syllabi in accordance with the industry requirements.


Incubation centres which actively promote student entrepreneurship are established. This creates an ecosystem of liaising with industry, venture capitalists and government bodies to promote business and technological ideas.

Faculty Industry Research

Partnership with industry for project based research at the industry laboratories is established to encourage faculty research. This enables the faculty to explore their research interests and exposes them to the latest equipment and industry infrastructure, which in turn enriches their teaching.

Internships, Awards and Scholarships

Industry leaders are encouraged to institute scholarships for meritorious students. This provides opportunities for student-industry interactions and facilitates internships for students.

Setting up Centres of Excellence and Research Laboratories

Industry leaders are solicited to set up Centres of Excellence with state-of-the-art infrastructure which would encourage research and innovation by students.

As part of the faculty building team along with its clients, Manipal Global ensures that together they choose the best and the most competent. Leveraging this expertise and skill to provide consulting services to other industries not only facilitates knowledge transfer but also generates revenue for its clients.

In addition to making the most of existing infrastructure and to ensure maximum revenue mileage to its client universities, Manipal Global arranges for new start-ups and SMEs to set up incubation units and derive full benefit from the plug and play facilities at these universities.

We also assists scientists and industries to set up invention centres at the universities and renders full support from inception to its implementation in business.

We work in association with other universities to review and analyse the client’s existing business models, and chalks out a feasibility plan to generate additional business and revenue.