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Admissions, Evaluations and Operations

The process of admissions and operations often pose an immense logistical challenge for any educational institution. The ripple effect of all this causes the institution to lose focus from its main purpose of imparting education.

Manipal Global, with its comprehensive SAP enabled business management capability, is well equipped to handle a student base in excess of 400,000 at any given time. We offer our services in streamlining operations and management of all student services, beginning with enrolment.


There are many parameters involved in the admission process which require planning, organising and co-ordination.

Manipal Global ensures the whole process is smooth and glitch-free for both the students and the institutions. The admission services offered by include:

  • Determining the selection criteria
  • Conducting evaluations and assessments
  • Defining the admission process
  • Reviewing applications
  • Background check and documents verification
  • Customer engagement
  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Centralised application processing.


To simplify the evaluation process, Manipal Global has designed program or course specific evaluation criteria which are used as a reference for narrowing the student selection process, so that the most extraordinary and capable students do not get left out of the race. The evaluation process also involves assessment of the past academic records and extracurricular activities, among other parameters.

To further filter the selections, we have our own aptitude assessment programs or standardised tests that are mandatory for the students. Notes made by appointed counsellors to guide the students during the admission process, are also factored in.


Post admissions and creation of a student database, Manipal Global takes over the operational logistics of maintenance and tracking of student attendance, collection of tuition fees, scheduling exams, conducting internal assessments, recording of grades and the declaration of results