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Market Research

Manipal Global believes that when it comes to higher education, decisions should be based on a foundation of comprehensive research. As a globally experienced higher education service provider with decades of experience, we understand the perceptions, motivations and behaviour of key target segments.

To help institutions understand the key target audience better and to address the challenges they face, Manipal Global offers a complete range of quantitative and qualitative marketing research services developed specifically for the education sector.

These include:

  • Image and perception mapping
  • Brand marketing plans
  • Competitive positioning studies
  • Academic program marketability insights
  • International program marketability studies
  • Tuition pricing and brand value studies
  • Environmental and marketplace scans
  • Market expansion and optimisation studies
  • Studies of alumni perception, needs, and participation.

These tools are based on the advanced market research methodologies that include collecting data, opinions, attitudes and trends and constructing demographic profiles to match with observed statistics.

Multilevel surveys comprise extrapolation of sample groups exposed to questionnaires, telephonic, in-person, mail and online surveys. Interviews of focus groups and personal interviews complement these surveys.

Effective decisions are built on a foundation of good data. Manipal Global helps you build that foundation not only through the collection of effective data but also through intelligent interpretation, understanding and application of relevant data.

We offer specific consultancy on growth trends, potential size of the market, ideal location, competition and managing costs for building specialisation and a system to communicate this. Data driven strategies are then designed to eliminate weaknesses while building on strengths, helping strategic decision making.

Our tools can help you answer many critical questions including student retention, marketing and brand, customer value analysis, needs assessment inclusive of course feasibility, campus facility needs assessment inclusive of campus planning and even the economic impact on ambient society.