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Marketing Services

Marketing plays a pivotal role  not only in driving student enrolments, but also in ensuring long term sustenance by brand building.

Manipal Global has continuously built on its success over the last six decades, and is a market leader in the field. Having established brand equity, its universities have earned world class reputation and are names to reckon with in the field of higher education.

We work closely with clients to identify the areas which need holistic, cost-effective marketing strategies to achieve the desired strategic results.

Increasing Awareness

Manipal Global draws up short term and long term plans to increase the visibility of the university and create brand awareness among the student community worldwide. A campaign management system is used to identify the target audience, suggest the best marketing approaches and simulate real-world scenarios.

Manipal Global also harnesses the potential of referral markets in creating awareness, using plans like solicit- rewards and offline word-of-mouth referrals. This complements multi-modal digital and online marketing channels like e-mails, newsletters, blogs, social media, mobiles, smart phones, tablets, advertisements, pay-per-click, websites, tele-seminars and webinars, which generate leads and enquiries.

Building preference

While applying to any university, students always check the brand equity or reputation, the skills of the teaching faculty, infrastructure and the available programs. Search engines are the most preferred choice and the deciding factor for students to shortlist their preferred universities.

Manipal Global exploits the latest technologies available to use websites, digital properties and social media as influencers to optimally leverage the universities and their unique features.

With our team of expert writers and designers, we ensure that the university is projected in the right context and has all the information organised correctly and made available through easy navigation. Search Engine Optimisation techniques are adopted and implemented during website development to increase the university site rankings.

Database Management

Once the leads are generated through different marketing channels, Manipal Global prepares a database and follows it with lead conversions. The success of the marketing strategy is determined by the rate or percentage of lead conversions. Manipal Global leaves no stone unturned in converting the leads to enrolments.

All efforts are made to process the enquiries and arrange one-to-one interactions with the students, where needed, to help them make the right choices.