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Student Enrolment

After the United States and China, India has the third largest higher education system in the world and one of the primary challenges most higher education institutes face is student acquisition.

Manipal Global offers full student life-cycle management, from lead acquisition to enrolment, to help universities in their quest for student acquisition. Our structured, planned, pro-active and process oriented approach  has helped it achieve an enviable success rate in student enrolment.

Being the primary and single point of contact between the university and the students, Manipal Global takes care of the entire gamut of operations. It also takes into consideration the concerns, fears and queries of students while charting the action plan, in order to lend a helping hand to them at each and every step to help realise their dreams and aspirations. This personalised, student-focused approach also helps build student-university bonding and goodwill, which in turn helps student retention.

At the university level, Manipal Global’ s enrolment services begin with identifying the target group and designing the advertising and marketing strategy accordingly. This is followed by gathering leads, preparing the database, follow-ups and tracking, enrolment and the final handover to the university.

We rely on our in-house software packages developed exclusively for streamlining the enrolment process, which cuts cost to the university.

Simultaneously, we follow personalised and friendly approach in our interactions with its students. Manipal Global’s aptitude assessment program helps identify the core potential and strengths of the students and guides them accordingly. One-on-one counselling is also available to aid the students in decision making.

Student enrolment is a complex, time and resource intensive process, which is further complicated by the rapidly growing number of options available to today’s learners. Based on years of experience running its own universities across the globe, Manipal Global has developed and fine-tuned student acquisition processes and systems, which can be quickly tailored to meet the individual needs of each institution.