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Student Retention

Manipal Global has successfully formulated a two-pronged holistic approach towards enrolment and retention, factoring in defined and undefined variables in the process.

This is because we recognise that student retention is critical for  educational institutions, since it is the metric for measuring student-graduation success ratio and a guarantee of continued revenue.

Retention of students calls for wealth of relevant experience, skill, understanding, analysis and planning, which starts at the very beginning of the recruitment process. Enrolling the right students with the right inclination for the right course is a major determinant.

Funding is the other key factor which influences students’ choice of institution. Creating awareness about the availability of various financial options goes a long way in helping students decide, in addition to promoting commitment.

Manipal Global’s campus programs are designed to encourage maximum student involvement, through intramural sports and freshman orientation programs.

These help students acclimatise, and facilitates easy  integration with other fellow students and the university culture. Not only does this strengthen bonds and lower the attrition rate, it also raises their self-esteem as valued and integral members of the college community.

Our comprehensive student retention program walks the student through each and every milestone, from enrolment to graduation, guiding, mentoring, encouraging, supporting and counselling along the way. The time tested holistic approach has been fine-tuned into a cohesive whole, which involves students, faculty and the management.