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The rapidly changing environment in the higher education sector calls for smarter management and more efficient administration. There is greater need than ever to minimise process errors and bring in administrative efficiency, while reducing costs. The need of the hour for educational institutes therefore, is customised, expert IT infrastructure that enables smart management.

Manipal Global has  expertise in managing IT infrastructure, through the efficient setting-up and management of IT infrastructure of its campuses across the globe.

Our customised IT infrastructure support enables educational institutes to ensure smooth administrative functioning and achieve greater management efficiencies. Manipal Global not only sets-up the IT infrastructure which is customised to the institutes’ requirements from the scratch, but also helps institutes track and anticipate process glitches and ensure that they there are handled efficiently.

Being part of a legacy of higher education excellence, Manipal Global understands the vision of universities and educational institutions and the challenges they face. Based on this understanding, we have developed IT infrastructure solutions that are customised to meet these visions and objectives. Covering the complete spectrum of requirements for education, our advanced IT support and solutions help institutions take their vision to the next level through reliable infrastructure set-up and management applications.

Be it managing the database of the enquiries for the institutes, setting up information security, or student administration and networking solutions, our comprehensive IT infrastructure support ensures smooth operations so that educational institutions can focus on their core function – academic delivery and research.