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Creating a Social Network

Alumni Engagement

The institutions associated with Manipal Global have excellent interactions with their alumni and the alumni, in turn, have enabled brand building for their institution.

Alumni engagement is a key focus area for any educational institution, which accreditation agencies consider in their rating, so that an institution with active alumni having close ties with the alma mater is given a higher rating.

Every institution associated with Manipal Global has a robust alumni management platform, which includes:

Online Community

Manipal Global opens up to the online student community and the university a channel for communication and interaction. To simplify and speed up the process, we custom design content management systems and grant complete control to  clients.

Other services are also offered, as for the following:

  • Alumni directory
  • Database management systems for creation and management of memberships
  • Online publications of latest updates and happenings through Newsletters
  • Messaging services through email alerts and SMS
  • Bulletin boards.

Social Networking

The full potential of social networking sites are tapped by Manipal Global and channeled to benefit the alumni. Online chats and discussion groups are set up to facilitate communication with the faculty members and student groups. Blogging sites are also set up for avid bloggers.

For a walk down the memory lane, reunions are organised and we manage the entire event from sending out the invites, to co-ordination and other logistics. Podcast services are also set up to enable video and audio streaming.

Giving Back

The students passing out of a university go out into the world as ambassadors representing their alma mater. Manipal Global works closely with the universities to trace, profile and make notes of the achievements of the alumni , also to ensure that the notable achievements of the alumni are recognised and honoured.

We establish connections to identify  business opportunities, and take initiatives to translate them into positives. Business meetings are arranged and strategies worked out to involve highly placed student members to contribute to their alma mater by way of setting up outreach programs, placement and internship assistance and delivering guest lectures.