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Manipal Global’s path breaking employment initiative, iRize is aimed at providing job opportunities in collaboration with educational institutions, local partners and the government.

We understand that the responsibility of any institution does not begin and end with giving relevant degrees to their students. The success of the student and therefore the institution is measured by the type of placement the student gets immediately after graduation.

iRize has been instituted with a two-pronged vision:

  • To provide job assistance to students graduating from universities, and
  • To make available a productive and industry ready workforce to the business and corporate world.

iRize’s client list includes the who’s who of the industry, like Wipro, Tyco, KPMG, Voltas, ING Vysya and Infosys.

Demand & Supply intelligence

Demand Intelligence – Work in tandem with organised and unorganised sectors on a continual basis to assess their manpower needs. The processes involved are:

  • Need analysis
  • Demand generation
  • DKSB (Data, Knowledge, Skills, Behaviour) Supply Profiling
  • Career Benchmarking
  • Employment (Interns, Apprentices, Temporary, Permanent).

Supply Intelligence - Candidates screened through a process of identification, aggregation, DKSB supply profiling and certifications. iRize certifications are in conformance to NVQF and other internationally accepted standards.


iRize powered by robust technology and scalable architecture is designed to manage multiple partners and stakeholders.

It is reinforced with four interlinked engines namely:

  • Candidate Lifecycle Management - It allows for seamless integration of all student related processes from enrolment to gainful employment
  • Demand Management – To collate expectations of employers
  • Assessment & Counselling Management – To assess career suitability, job capability and employability level of candidate
  • Analytic Matching Engine – It aids in scientific optimisation of demand and supply, talent retention ability and quality of the resource.

R & D

At the heart of the iRize architecture is the R & D which lends it a strategic edge. The three interlinked engines are:

  • Job Role Research - The scalable, synergistic operational model leverages the strength of process experts and industry leaders
  • Credit Banking – Progressive skill based learning for the employed to obtain certifications that reflect as credits
  • Industry Endorsement – It signifies industry accreditation of iRize’s certification and benchmarking process.


The partnership facilitation model comprising partners like assessment, candidate pooling, training, certification etc. helps leverage each other’s strengths to achieve best results.